5 of the Best Ways to Extend your House

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If you could do with a bit more room in your home, you might have already considered extending the property. Not only will a property extension help you get a lot more floor space, but these building projects often increase the value of a home quite substantially.

Here are five ways you might want to extend your house.

Side Extension

One of the easiest and most popular types of home extensions is a side one. These will simply increase the size of one of your existing rooms. Most people extend their kitchen to increase the size of one of their most-used rooms.

Loft Conversion

Do you need an extra bedroom? If so, then you should think about converting the loft in your property if it is large enough. Lots of homeowners find that this is a lot more affordable than moving into a larger home.

Rear Extension

Similar to a side extension, a rear extension will add on some more space to an existing room. Only rather than extending onto the side of a property, this one will go on the back and will usually take up some room in the back garden.

Add A Conservatory

Another great way to add another room to your home is to add a conservatory. These are perfect if you don’t need another bedroom but would like more living space.

Double-Height Extension

A double-height extension will make more space on the ground and first floor of the house. As long as you have the space, you will be able to extend as much or as little as you like.

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