5 Kitchen Trends that will be huge in 2019

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Kitchen trends are always changing with the times, as it’s one of the very first rooms that guests come into. It’s the entertainment centre of the home, and with technology creeping into the house, kitchens have to be updated to keep up with modern times. Let’s look at five kitchen trends that will be huge in 2019!

Backsplash Feature Walls

Already making a statement, in 2019, we will see backsplash walls extending up to the ceiling instead of just above the counters. It’s a look designed to add texture and improve the aesthetics of the kitchen.

Coloured Kitchen Cabinets

White is out, insert pink here! Blush pink was big in the 70s, and it’s back. It’s a pastel hue that is showing up in the kitchen as the new neutral and looks fab with bold designs.

Darker Tones Room Dividers

All-white kitchens are out in 2019, with darker tones coming in. That trendy grey is also on the way out with navy palettes and metallic fixtures more popular than ever.

Room Dividers

Glass room dividers are a thing for 2019. Allowing light and giving the open-plan effect, these room dividers are modern and stunning in their design.

Kitchen Benches

Out are the dining chairs in the kitchen, and in are the benches that sit under the table when not in use. In 2019, people want banquette seating, and benches are the perfect kitchen design addition to this mood.

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